Anxiety Counseling

Are they irritable and cranky?

Does your child have difficulty going to bed at night?

  • Do they get anxious in new situations or around people?
  • Do they have excessive worry most days of the week?
  • Do they have trouble sleeping at night or is there sleepiness during the day?
  • Do you notice restlessness or fatigue during waking hours?

If you have a child who struggles with anxiety, you know how difficult it is to watch them struggle. Their anxiety doesn’t just impact them, it impacts your family too. Some forms of anxiety your child may be experiencing include:

  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Social Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
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We believe in an integrative and holistic approach to help you make the changes you want. Contact us now to schedule an appointment or to request a 20 minute free phone consultation. During this session, you will be invited to share your story and ask any questions you may have.

The good news is that counseling can help your child manage or alleviate their anxiety. It can also help you know how to best support them as the parent. At MVP, we have counselors who specialize in working with children with anxiety. Depending on the age of your child and what is most therapeutically appropriate, we are able to incorporate play, talk therapy, or EMDR. We are grateful to have training in the treatment modalities that best help kids work through their anxious feelings.

Still uncertain about counseling?

It can feel totally vulnerable to take your child to a counselor. At MVP, when we work with children, you are an important part of the process. Please always feel free to ask us any questions you may have about the process. We are your partner in helping you help your child. There will often be skills we talk with you about so you can support your child at home. In addition, your relationship with your child is of utmost importance for their well-being, so we will work on strengthening your bond!

We do everything we can to make counseling work for your schedule. All of our therapists have both daytime and evening appointments.

We do everything we can to make sure people can access therapy, including taking HSA and Flex Spending as well as offering an income based sliding scale for families in need. Please let us know if finances are a challenge so we can work with you.

Take the Next Step

When you have kids it can be easy to dismiss challenges as a “stage” or “phase,” and sometimes they are. The difficult thing about anxiety is that it tends to build on itself and spiral into a bigger problem. If you think your child has anxiety, please call 720-583-9332 to schedule an appointment or a free 20-minute phone consultation.