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Is Your Teen Struggling?

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  • Is there more conflict at home?
  • Are they engaging in risk-taking behavior or have depression?
  • Does your teen struggle with relationships?
  • Are they so anxious that you are worried about their happiness and independence?

The teen years are hard for so many. It is a time of change and growing independence. Teens naturally start pulling away from family and put more emphasis on their friends. They are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world.

Teens may rebel in the process, which causes worry, frustration, and tension in family relationships. The teen years are a time when many are taking risks, struggling to find their independence. As a parent, it is difficult to know when to intervene.

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Is it Normal Teen Angst or Something More?

We hear this question a lot. Parents aren’t sure if their teen’s struggles are “just teen behavior” or if it is part of a greater teen mental health problem. Our take is that if your teen is hurting, it is real hurt. If your teen is anxious, rebelling, unmotivated, or struggling in relationships, it is real.

Your worry about them is real. If you are concerned about your teen and you are here reading this page, your parental gut is nudging you to get some extra help for your troubled teen. There is not one of us who, at one time or another in our lives, couldn’t benefit from some help. It is likely that therapy for teens could provide a safe place for your teen. A place for them to receive support, gain tools, and work through these years with less pain.

How Teen Counseling Can Help

At Mountain Vista Psychology, we have teen therapists who specialize in working with this age group. Through teen counseling, your teen can develop a relationship with a counselor who has the training to help them through this time. Teen counseling can help your teen get at the root of what is going on and develop the skills to address their challenges.

Often times we find that through counseling, not only does the teen feel better, but family relationships improve as well. Our counselors are trained to work with teens who struggle with:

You May Have Some Concerns About Starting Teen Counseling

Many people call and say they want their teen to go to counseling, but they don’t know if their teen will go. If you would like your teen to try counseling, then there are a few important things to keep in mind. A large portion of the resulting change in behavior is attributed to the relationship between the teen and the therapist. Your teen needs to feel a connection to their counselor for therapy to be effective.

At MVP, our teen therapists excel at developing relationships with teens, that said we recommend you have a phone consultation with a potential teen counselor to see if you think they could connect with your child. If you feel good about the consultation, talk with your teen.

Understand that they may not want to go, but that going to counseling needs to happen. Empower them by saying they have input into who they see. Let them know you want to find a teen therapist they like and ask them to go to a session or two to see how they feel with a therapist. In our experience, once a teen has done therapy a couple of times, they see how counseling can help and become more invested in the process.

Counseling takes time and money. However, our experience is that when you and your teen invest in counseling, the positive changes are worth it. The investment now can make a difference not only in day-to-day life and relationships but also have a positive impact on your teen’s future.

How Long Will Teen Counseling Take?

We hear that question a lot. Honestly, the answer is different for everyone, and it depends on what your counseling goals are. Your counselor will work with you and your teen to determine counseling goals, including how often to come to counseling.

If you are ready to take the next step, please call (720) 583-9332 so our care coordinator can connect you with one of our teen counselors. We look forward to working with you!

Start Seeing Positive Changes in Your Teen With the Help of Teen Counseling in Englewood, Littleton, Greenwood Village, and Denver, CO!

Is your teen facing conflicts at home, struggling in relationships, or exhibiting signs of anxiety or depression? Our specialized teen counseling services at Mountain Vista Psychology provide a supportive environment for your teen to address these challenges and develop essential skills. Take the first step toward your teen's well-being by following these three simple steps:

  1. Schedule a free phone consultation to see if Teen Counseling is right for your child
  2. Begin meeting with a skilled teen therapist
  3. Start seeing positive changes in your teen's emotions and behaviors!

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