ADHD Counseling

Is it stressful to leave in the morning?

Do you have to ask your kid over and over to do simple tasks?

Does your child have a difficult time organizing their schoolwork?

Do they leave a mess around the house?

When your child struggles to focus and pay attention, life becomes difficult. There are so many kids who have ADHD. In fact, the Center for Disease Control says that 11 percent of American children, ages 4 to 17, have the attention disorder.

Your child is not alone in their struggle. Counseling can assist with learning structure, emotion regulation, working on social skills, and any anxiety that may occur. Both children and parents can learn skills that will support a healthy home environment.

Mother overlooks as her teenaged son uses his laptop to study in their kitchen

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You may wonder if given time your child’s attention will improve on its own. You may wonder if your child really needs help. Some children do seem to just be “late bloomers” and gain the skills they need naturally without any intervention. Unfortunately, we hear from many parents who bring in their high school teenagers and say they thought the struggles were just a stage, and later realize they were not.

As parents it is so hard to know what is developmentally appropriate and what is not. Early intervention and support is so important to create positive habits and curtail a negative sense of self.

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