Family Therapy

Are You Tired of All The Conflict in Your Family?

Do you wish you could have a closer connection with your family members?

Are family conflicts draining you of your energy?

Are you having difficulty sleeping due to worry?

Fighting with the people you love most takes a big toll emotionally and physically. When your family system isn’t doing well, it is challenging to do well individually. This is especially true if conflict is happening frequently at home, which no longer feels like our “safe place” due to arguing. The well-being and happiness of each family member is impacted.

Image of an upset teen boy on a couch with his worried father looking at him. Overcome conflict in your family with family therapy in Englewood, CO.

After a long day, it is hard to come home to conflict and tension. You want to get along with your kids, but it is just not happening! Chores are stressful, homework is stressful, and disrespect is high. Nobody is even able to hear what each other is saying, let alone understand feelings, improve, or grow. You may feel as though something is wrong with you or that you are a failure as a parent. This is not the family you hoped for and you feel lost, sad, and alone. You need things to be different and feel lost as to how to move forward. You are tired. Change is now necessary.

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Families Have Conflicts

All families have conflicts, it is unavoidable. Personalities can clash. Because of unique needs and challenges, having a child who has a mental health challenge can also increase conflicts in the home. The child or teen is often stressed, feeling misunderstood, angry, and tired. The parents may have additional conflict within their relationships because they want to deal with things differently. Nobody is especially happy or connected. It hurts. The good news is family therapy can help reduce conflicts, improve communication, and improve connection.

Image of two smiling African American women hugging and walking on a beach. Learn to connect with your family with the help of family therapy in Englewood, CO. Work with a skilled family therapist to overcome your conflict.

Family Therapy Can Help You Get Your Family Life Back on Track

Family therapy can help family members learn how to communicate more effectively. Your family therapist may work in sessions with you on ways for each member to feel heard. Family members may also work on conflict resolution skills so that when tough situations arise at home you have an agreed-upon way to deal with them. Each family member can learn how to communicate and listen to other family members. This helps each person’s voice to be heard. We all want to be heard and seen first. You will each learn tools, supporting each other in change. Communication is key!

Most of all, strengthening relationships is the goal. Your family therapist may support you in ways to increase healthy attachment. When we feel securely attached to our relationship, conflict doesn’t disappear, but the feeling of despair is not there. Each family member knows they are loved and accepted, even through disagreement. During family therapy, each person has a chance for their voices to be heard with their feelings and perspectives supported. When families participate in counseling, it supports individual changes within each member.

Especially, it can be difficult for any one person in the family to make significant changes, if there isn’t a shift in the family system. When one person changes, it is often not possible for their changes to stick unless those close to the person also shift their behaviors. Therefore, family therapy supports systemic and individual change.

But You May Still Have Questions About Family Therapy

Family therapy is an investment in your family as a whole and each person as an individual within the family. By developing healthy family relationships and boundaries, not only are you decreasing current stress but you are teaching your children how to have similar healthy relationships. After all, family is their first model of a relationship.

We are committed to offering affordable and EFFECTIVE therapy, so the time and money you invest will be worth it! We set goals and monitor improvement with you to ensure the changes you most require, occur. Our families tend to report that counseling is worth any investment they put into it. Relationships within the family improve and so does the mental health of each individual family member.  We are healthier as individuals when our relationships are healthy!  

Let Us Help Your Family With Family Therapy

If things aren’t going well, don’t wait any longer. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can have a more peaceful and connected family. The best way to create change is to do something different. If you are ready for change, call 720-583-9332  or email to have a free phone consultation. We would love to take some time to hear your story and to work with you to take the next steps to create the change you need.

Image of a happy family holding hands and walking outside. Work closely with a skilled family therapist to help your family cope with conflict and communicate in healthy ways in family therapy in Englewood, CO.

Find Peace With Your Family With The Help of Family Therapy in Denver, Englewood, Littleton, and Greenwood Village, CO!

Are you tired of constant conflicts tearing your family apart? Take the first step towards healing and harmony by seeking family therapy at Mountain Vista Psychology. Together, we can work towards understanding, communication, and creating a supportive environment where every family member feels valued and heard. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

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  3. Start creating healthier relationships with your family!

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