Neurofeedback for ADHD

Are you or your child struggling with focus?

ADHD is a brain difference, which makes sense because a lot of people take medication for ADHD to address the brain difference.  That is what medication does. BUT, what if medication doesn’t work for you?  What if you don’t want to take medication? Thankfully THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION!  Neurofeedback is an amazing option for treating ADHD.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics lists Neurofeedback as a Level One Intervention for ADHD (which is as good as it gets)
  • It’s non-invasive and long-lasting, with most people not requiring “boosters” for sustainability
  • It promotes lasting, reliable and consistent change for those with ADHD and focus-related issues
  • Over 35 years of research indicates it’s effective for 80% of people who complete training
  • Neurofeedback is all-natural, safe and effective for both kids and adults

What you will do

The first step in Neurofeedback is to complete a QEEG, which allows us to “take a picture” of the electrical activity in the brain.  This is just a 19 channel EEG where you come into the office and put a cap on your head which is connected to a computer.  Nothing ever goes into your head, but we collect the electrical activity from your brain.  It doesn’t hurt and is totally safe.  During this appointment we also learn more about what goals you want to reach through completing neurofeedback training.

After completing the QEEG, when you come back for your next appointment, you will get to see your brain map.  This is the “picture” of the brain that is also like the roadmap for the training you will do. All training is individualized for you to meet your needs based on your brain. You will then come in twice a week to meet with your therapist and complete training.  Your appointments will be 45 minutes each.  We will use the time to sit with you as you complete the training and provide any needed strategies to help you reach your goals.  Most people need 30-40 sessions, but again, this is individualized based on your needs and goals.

benefits of neurofeedback

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If you are a parent, you feel like you are “herding cats” to get your child to do chores, homework, life.  It hurts to see them struggle so much and you feel helpless as their parent.  Nothing seems to work despite everyone’s best efforts!  Then, because you are trying to help them do life, there is the inevitable conflict.  You feel like the nag asking them to do things a million times.  Then you may yell.  This is not what you want for your child or your family.

If you have ADHD, you probably have been told you are lazy and at this point may even believe it to be true.  You have good intentions and want to do well and have life work, but then it happens. You procrastinate or get work in late. You lose and misplace things or forget to do them. You lose focus or go down the internet rabbit hole instead of getting your work done. You are tired and may feel like a failure.

At Mountain Vista Psychology, Dr. Stecker is Board Certified as a Diplomate in QEEG (less than 100 people worldwide have achieved this certification).  She artifacts all the brainwave data and guides protocol selection for each client at MVP.  All clinicians have a Master’s degree in counseling and have been trained by Dr. Stecker in neurofeedback.  Each clinician is either Board Certified in Neurofeedback or in route to obtaining certification.  In addition, each clinician is a gifted counselor who is able to support with counseling services if needed.  Together as a team we meet weekly to discuss progress of each client to ensure the best care possible.  As a team, we love what we do and being a part of all the changes we witness in our clients’ lives!

Even if you have tried other things that haven’t worked (most of our clients have), Neurofeedback can work when to help manage your ADHD and to help you make the changes you need.

We have a high level of expertise with amazing results!  We track progress with you through Neurofeedback and are happy to say that approximately 90% of the people who complete training with us have found it to be effective.  We work as a team so we can provide you with the best service possible.  In addition, your therapist is always sitting right by your side as you complete Neurofeedback supporting you through the process.  We love Neurofeedback and serving the people we work with!

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