Autism Counseling

Has your teen been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum?

  • Do they struggle to understand social situations?
  • Is it difficult when their plans or routine is interrupted?
  • Has it always been difficult for them to make friends?

If you have a teen on the Autism Spectrum you have had a unique parenting journey. Your child has likely participated in different forms of therapy throughout their life. Now here you are. They are a teenager and the social landscape is as complex as ever. In addition to friends, there is now dating to consider. There is also driving and what to do after high school. Your teen may have a typical desire for independence and you may feel them pulling away from you. Or, your teen may not be gaining the independence you hoped they would. With so much going on, this is a time when a lot of teens on the Autism Spectrum reach out for extra support through counseling.


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Often times teens on the Autism Spectrum are lonely and want to fit in or make more friends. They can be overwhelmed with the social nuances that are ever more complex than they were in elementary school. Some teens want to date, but navigating romantic relationships is a challenge. They may articulate a low self-worth. Through counseling they can get support with each of these areas of their lives.

How teen counseling can help

When your teen participates in counseling, they can get extra support with all that adolescence brings. We have therapists at MVP who specialize in working with teenagers and those on the Autism Spectrum. Our therapists understand the strengths and challenges that are often at play for those on the spectrum during their teen years. In addition, our therapists have the tools to support your teen with any anxiety or executive functioning difficulties that may be contributing to the difficulty at hand.

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