Depression Counseling

Are they withdrawing?

  • Does your teen struggle with depression?
  • Are they irritable?
  • Are they sad or weepy?

The teen years can be a scary time. It is natural for teenagers to want a greater level of autonomy, but when they are struggling with their mental health their independence can also become scarier. What is even scarier is that there are some teenagers who can’t see through their sadness and take their own lives. As a parent you may feel completely helpless regarding your teen, especially since they may be pushing you away.

You are not alone. According to Mental Health America, 11.01% of kids 12-17 report suffering at least one major depressive episode in the last year. That is more than one in ten kids! These kids struggle with managing their emotions and are at an increased risk for substance use. They are likely doing the best they can but need help, and counseling can begin their intervention.

Counseling can be a safe place where teens can talk through challenging situations in their lives. Through the counseling relationship, teens can also learn concrete skills to address their depression. When looking for a counselor for your teen, it is important to find someone your teen connects with. Research indicates a significant percentage of change that happens in therapy is due to the relationship between the therapist and the client. It is also important to find a therapist who specializes in working with teens. At MVP we have therapists who love working with teenagers, who are able to support your teen with modalities that research indicates are effective in addressing depression.

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Although you know your teen needs help, you may be hesitant to take them to counseling

Many, but not all, teens are resistant to go to counseling at first! It may feel uncomfortable for them or even scary. They may feel as though their counselor will go behind their back and tattle on them to their parents. Some teens are ambivalent about feeling better. Being sad has become a part of their identity and although they want to feel better, they also wouldn’t know “who they are” without their sadness. Because we have counselors who specialize in working with teens, we are used to working with all of this! We work with your teen to figure out what change they desire in their life. In this way they begin to gain trust, and because we are working on their goal, they are motivated to come and create change. We also create agreed upon boundaries with confidentiality so your teen can build trust. Once there is trust, real change is possible in therapy.

You may be scared to take your teen to a counselor. Your kid is hurting and you don’t want to bring them to a therapist where they have a negative experience. We agree, this is super important! We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation if you would like to talk with a therapist before scheduling the first appointment. In this way you can get a feel for style and personality, while asking any questions about the process. We want you to feel comfortable.

Financially, we take all forms of payment including HSA and Flex Spending. In addition, we have an income based sliding scale for those who need it. Please talk with us about your needs so we can help!

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