Trauma Counseling

Are they on edge and anxious?

  • Did your teen experience a trauma?
  • Are they having nightmares or trouble sleeping?
  • Maybe they are avoiding situations that remind them of the event?

Nobody likes to think of the possibility that their teen could have experienced a trauma, but many of our teens do. As much as we want to keep our kids safe, we can’t always protect them. Maybe your teen has been in a car accident. Perhaps your teen is bullied or is in an unhealthy relationship. Maybe your teen has been assaulted or is being abused. These are all forms of trauma that can impact the way the brain operates, which then changes the way your teen feels and how they interact with the world. These sorts of experiences can also change the way your teen sees themselves. For example, they may feel as though they are “not good enough” or “not lovable” or that the event was somehow their fault.

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Trauma Counseling Can Help

Counseling with a therapist, skilled at supporting teens through trauma, can make a significant difference in your teen’s healing. At MVP we have teen therapists who specialize in working with teenagers, who are trained in therapeutic techniques that reduce trauma responses (i.e. EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback). Our counselors are skilled at meeting your teen where they are at. It is important to create a safe place where your teen can feel heard and supported. This environment then allows your teen the space to effectively work through their trauma so that it doesn’t haunt them.

After working through trauma, many typically feel as though a weight has been lifted off of them. They feel that the trauma does not control their lives in the same way that it used to. They feel a sense of freedom from the pain.

You may still have questions about trauma counseling

Many people who have experienced a trauma feel uneasy and vulnerable about going to counseling, which is why we strive to create a safe place. If your teen is hesitant to go to counseling, it can help to explore and validate their feelings while continuing to articulate the importance of going. It is also vitally important to find a therapist they feel comfortable with. Most of the change that takes place in counseling is due to the relationship between the counselor and the teen. If your teen feels comfortable with, and likes their counselor, they will get much more out of therapy.

Another concern people have is about how to fit counseling into their already busy schedules. Because we have therapists who specialize in working with teens, they have appointment times that fit teen schedules. When you call, our care coordinator will work with you to be matched with a therapist that meets your teen’s needs.

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