Speaking Engagements

No Fee Presentation for the Community

At Mountain Vista Psychology our desire is to provide effective intervention and support for families. For this reason, we are offering the community an information rich presentation once a month. There is no fee for this presentation and there are a variety of topics offered. These topics include:

  • Create the Calm: 5 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child
  • Create the Calm: 5 ways to Help Your Disorganized & Scattered Child
  • Stop the Chaos and Create the Calm with Your Teenager.
  • How to Get Your Kid Started: 5 Ways to Help Your Disorganized Child

We want to extend this offer to any schools, teachers, MOPs groups, support groups, and parents. If you are a part of a community that would benefit from one of our presentations please email info@mountainvistapsychology.com. Please provide us with your name, the amount of people in your group, the topic you are interested in and your contact information.

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