Autism Assessment and Treatment in Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado Autism Assessment & Autism Evaluation

Raising healthy and happy children is all any parent could ever want. That’s why parents tend to feel helpless upon observing that their child is “miles” behind most, if not all, of his or her milestones or that their young adolescent seems to have shut down cognitively, mentally, and emotionally as evidenced by his or her performance and behavior in school. It’s just difficult to really know what is actually going on with your child, and that’s why it is important to listen to your instinct and reach out for help if you have concerns. If you are concerned about your child being on the autism spectrum, it is important to find a psychologist who is qualified to diagnose autism.

Denver, Colorado Autism Diagnosis

Of course, giving parents an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis for their child is never an easy task. Many families don’t really know what autism is and want to know how and why their child has autism.

It can be very overwhelming for families. However, at Mountain Vista Psychology, we aim to calm those fears by informing parents there is nothing “wrong” with their autistic child. Autism is simply a different way of thinking that contributes to greater neurodiversity as a whole. Nevertheless, there can be challenges associated with autism, especially when parents are unaware of how to help, and early treatment can make all the difference for most children. 

In addition, it is not just children who seek autism spectrum evaluations, many adults are now learning that their lifelong challenges may be due to symptoms consistent with the autism spectrum. If you believe you or your child are on the spectrum, our Denver autism diagnosis services can help.

Autism Testing:  Autism Symptoms

While some children show signs of autistic behavior as infants, such as minimal eye contact, no response to their name, or complete indifference to caregivers, other children can develop typically for the first few years of life before suddenly becoming withdrawn, aggressive, or losing language skills they already had.

These are just a few signs that point toward autism in an autism diagnosis checklist. An autism diagnosis can be made before 2 years of age since that is when indicators are usually observed, and each child with autism spectrum disorder can also display low-functioning or high-functioning autism symptoms.

Common indicators of autism spectrum disorder include, but are not limited to:


  • Failure to respond to one’s name or appears not to hear you at times
  • Resists cuddling and holding, and seems to prefer playing alone
  • Has poor eye contact and does not display facial expressions
  • Doesn’t speak or has delayed speech, or even loses previous ability to say words or sentences
  • Can’t begin a conversation or continue one
  • Doesn’t seem to comprehend simple questions or directions
  • Doesn’t express or has difficulty expressing emotions or feelings and appears unaware of others’ feelings
  • Inappropriately approaches a social interaction by being passive, aggressive, or disruptive
  • Has difficulty recognizing nonverbal cues, such as interpreting other people’s facial expressions, body postures, or tone of voice
  • Has sensitivity to sound and/or textures
  • May not engage in pretend or imaginative play

With time and continued treatment, those with Autism typically become more engaged with others and don’t display as much disruptive behavior as before. Again, early intervention is key. For those who are teens and adults, it still can be very helpful to complete an autism evaluation. This evaluation can often provide validation and answers to long-asked questions and experiences.


Autism Testing:  Autism Causes

Although autism spectrum disorder has no single known cause, the fact that symptoms and severity vary, there may be several causes including genetics and environment. In fact, there are many environmental factors and associated conditions such as gastrointestinal (GI) abnormalities and immune imbalance that have actually been linked to autism pathophysiology, according to several medical studies on the subject.


  • Genetics: For some, ASD can be associated with Rett syndrome or Fragile X syndrome. For others, genetic mutations, which are either inherited or spontaneous, may increase the risk of this disorder.


  • Environmental factors: Researchers are still studying whether viral infections, medications, complications during pregnancy, or air pollutants trigger ASD. While controversial, there is yet to be a link between vaccines and autism spectrum disorder.

Denver, Colorado Autism Testing & Autism Evaluation

While autism spectrum disorder is not preventable, a proper diagnosis can be very useful. Many people who get an early autism diagnosis in Denver and utilize the Colorado autism intervention programs find it helpful to get the support and accommodations they need. Therapy can also be helpful for skills building, language development, and managing emotions. 

A proper diagnosis can also be very helpful for those looking for community. Being embraced for who they are and the strengths they have, instead of living with shame for behaviors and experiences that are part of their neurodiversity, can be a powerful moment for many in the community. Indeed, there are Denver autism support services and autism therapy services in Denver that are available to all.

However, there is no need to be discouraged if intervention happens years later because it is still helpful at any age. Children usually do not outgrow symptoms, but they can learn to function well with autism. Nevertheless, many autistic adults find it assuring to learn more about themselves and still seek a diagnosis to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the challenges they have faced.

About Mountain Vista Psychology Autism Testing & Autism Diagnosis

You can definitely count on our wonderful team of clinicians at Mountain Vista Psychology, PLLC, in Englewood, CO, to take care of your needs and make the transition into your new normal as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves in offering our clients of all ages the best possible autism treatment centers in Denver. Our primary goal is for you to walk out of our clinic with a child that can function well among his or her peers and be ready for what lies ahead in their future.

If you are looking for an autism spectrum evaluation in Denver, we happily offer our services as Denver autism specialists. Please do not hesitate to call us at (720) 583-9332 for a free consultation. We are here to listen and provide support for you and your family so that your child can make major strides in spite of their diagnosis.

Autism Testing & Autism Diagnosis

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