Thorough ADHD and Learning Disability Evaluations in Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado Thorough ADHD and Learning Disability Evaluations

Has your child or teen been performing below average in school, which is unusual for him or her? If so, there may be an underlying issue you may not be aware of. Although there is a universal way of teaching your children, not all children learn the Thorough ADHD and Learning Disability Evaluations in Denver, Coloradosame way as their classmates. The reality is that there are many students across the country who need more support in a traditional classroom setting. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, one in five children in the U.S. have learning and attention issues including ADHD and dyslexia. Therefore, the children who have a hard time understanding the learning concepts or fail their tests possibly have a learning disability and/or attentional issues, which he or she should be evaluated for to determine whether its a learning disability, ADHD, or even a lack of motivation.

Denver, Colorado Learning Disability Testing

There’s, of course, a chance that you may not be familiar with what is involved in the testing for learning disabilities. Naturally, it could feel overwhelming when you think about what may seem like a long road ahead. Fortunately, our psychologists at Mountain Vista Psychology have experience working with children and families and strive to make this new world of evaluations as comfortable as possible for both parent and child. We conduct thorough evaluations and utilize a variety of tests and interviews, yet remain mindful of not burning our clients out as we try to identify what obstacles stand between your child and their academic success. Evaluation results may reveal issues regarding memory, processing speed, attention, or specific deficits related to learning to read, write, or complete math at grade level. But rest assured knowing you will get recommendations for interventions and accommodations to best support your child’s specific learning profile and needs.

Denver, Colorado Learning Disability Diagnosis

Diagnosing a learning disability does require many different tests to be administered. Common tests used to diagnose a learning disability include, but are not limited to:

  • Wechsler intelligence tests: (IQ tests) such as the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WIPPSI), Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) for adults.  Looks at ability to learn new information visually, verbally, working memory, and processing speed.   
  • Woodcock Johnson-IV:  Testing the looks at your child’s reading, writing, and math skills.  Depending on our findings we may also recommend extended memory testing or more in depth testing on specific reading skills (i.e., fluency, decoding).
  • Key Math:  Targeted math assessment lasting 3-90 minutes.
  • The Gray Oral Reading Tests-Fifth Edition (GORT-5): The GORT-5 is one of the most widely used measures of oral reading fluency and comprehension and will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of reading fluency and comprehension levels. 
  • The Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing – Second Edition (CTOPP-2):  The CTOPP-2 is a targeted assessment of phonological skills.
  • Test Of Memory And Learning – 2:  The TOMAL-2 is a memory battery used for evaluating general and specific memory function for children, adolescents, and adults ages 5 to 59 years 11 months. The standard battery for the TOMAL-2 consists of eight core subtests six supplementary sub-tests, and two delayed recall tasks.

There are several learning disability assessment tools. It is just a matter of finding out which would be the best assessment tools for students with learning disabilities to conduct because it  can be a little challenging. Students with ADHD, for instance, have a hard time with testing situations and may need breaks throughout testing.  We will work with your child to ensure they get what they need to demonstrate their knowledge and ability which will ensure the understanding and accurate diagnosis. 

Denver, Colorado ADHD

Is ADHD neurological or psychological? Well, ADHD is a neurological disorder in which a person has differences in brain development and activity that affect attention and the ability to sit still. This means ADHD is not a character issue.  A person with ADHD is not lazy.  It is a difference in the way the brain functions.  That being the case, neurofeedback may be recommended as an alternative to medication. It is safe, pain-free and very effective with positive changes on one’s level of focus. There is also psychological testing for ADHD in adults, teens, and children available. So, if you are looking for an adult or child ADHD specialist near you, our experienced clinicians at Mountain Vista Psychologist are eager to help. 

Denver, Colorado ADHD Diagnosis

If you are looking specifically for an ADHD diagnosis test and want to know who can diagnose ADHD in adults or children, look no further. Our knowledgeable team of psychologists at Mountain Vista Psychology know how to modify our ADHD spectrum test to meet our clients needs. With our thorough ADHD assessment, which includes an interview, rating scales, and a continuous performance task, we can determine the right ADHD treatment for you or your child Based on your symptoms, we want to make sure you receive an accurate diagnosis.

About Mountain Vista Psychology

Our wonderful clinicians at Mountain Vista Psychology, PLLC, are eager to serve our all of our clients with the treatment support you and your family are needing. Situated in Englewood, CO, we can show you the best way to manage you or your child’s learning disability and/or ADHD diagnosis. You can rest easy knowing that we will determine the right diagnosis and treatment so you can seize the day without missing a beat. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation by calling 720-583-9332 today. 


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