6 Tips for Living in The Moment

6 Tips for Living in The Moment

The idea of “living in the moment” has inspired a lot of motivational posters, captions on the internet, and has become a life motto. But it’s actually a really important concept. You’ve probably heard several variations: Live like there’s no tomorrow. Live as if you’ll die today. Living in the moment takes practice.. With these six ideas, you can learn how to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty in every activity, every second of the day. 

In order to live in the moment, you need to be present in the now. Make sure you are away from distractions like television, your phone, or anything else that draws your attention away from what’s at hand. Mindfulness reduces stress, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and has many other benefits for both your physical and mental health. 

Start becoming aware of your surroundings. Taking notice of the small things around you and being grateful for them will help you cultivate more positive experiences. Live for the moment and be thankful for the small things around you. Take note of the little things that make you happy, such as eating ice cream, taking a bath, listening to music, or taking a walk, as these things can have a profound impact on your mood. 

Another great way to live in the moment is smiling more. Stand in front of a mirror and smile! Doing this influences the way you feel because smiling makes us feel happier. It communicates our feelings to ourselves and to others. So smile – it will make you happier and help you appreciate everything that is in front of you.

Try doing more random acts of kindness. When you perform random acts of kindness, you become aware of how much joy they bring to others, and they bring joy to you, as well. Random acts of kindness are just that – random. They are spontaneous, in the moment, and a great addition to your daily life. The next time you see someone in need, offer you help – it could be as simple as writing a kind note, tipping your barista a little extra, or donating to charity. 

Make thankfulness a new habit. Feeling gratitude does not have to be reserved for holidays. You can feel grateful and express your gratitude regardless of the day.  It’s good to remember from time to time just how fortunate you are. When your friend makes you smile, thank her for being in your life. When your boss gives you a new task, say thanks, remembering that you still have a job and can put food on the table. 

Leave worries behind! It’s easy to get caught up in what-ifs and maybes. However, you need to remember that worrying today won’t change what happens tomorrow. Every second you spend thinking about the future is a second that you waste by leaving this present moment and entering the realm of future possibilities. 

Living in the moment requires us to be more present, positive, and embrace the beautiful moments around us. Try implementing these six tips for creating more joy and living in the moment. It is not necessary to practice mindfulness perfectly to reap the benefits. You need only to keep bringing your mind back to the present moment when it wanders.

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