Fighting the Good Fight with Couples Therapy

A couple holds hands while sitting across from a person with a clipboard. This could represent the support a couples therapist in Englewood, CO can offer for relationships. Learn more about couples therapy in Littleton, Co and relationship counseling in Englewood, CO today.

Tension and conflict are normal and even healthy parts of any relationship. Sometimes, tension and conflict work out by itself. There are other times when it might be helpful for a third party, such as a couples counselor or psychologist, to be involved. Did you know that in the United States, 40-50% of all first marriages end in divorce? Second marriages have an even higher percentage of divorce ranging between 60-65%. Some couples choose to stay in an unhappy partnership without ever seeking help due to financial reasons, children, or the shame of failure.

A couple sit facing away from one another with arms crossed. This could represent a relationship issue that couples therapy in Greenwood Village, CO can address. Learn more about relationship counseling in Englewood, CO or couples therapy in Littleton, CO today. For many, couples therapy may be a great option for helping with a variety of issues and problems. People seek couples therapy for many reasons, such as communication issues, trust issues, conflicts, intimacy problems, or simply to strengthen their relationship. It provides a safe space to address concerns, improve understanding of one another, and develop healthier patterns of interaction.

Below Are Some Common Reasons Why People Choose to Go to Couples Therapy Together:

1 . Communication issues:

Sometimes couples have difficulties expressing thoughts and feelings or misunderstanding each other. Even if you have been together a long time, most couples go through phases where communication can improve. In therapy, you will learn different communication styles, as well as how to talk to your significant other effectively and lovingly.

2. Conflict resolution:

Many relationships have arguments, unresolved issues, or differences in values and goals to a certain extent. Couples therapy can help participants learn how to best resolve these conflicts and understand one another at a deep and compassionate level.

3. Intimacy problems:

The highs and lows of most relationships include moments of lack of emotional connection, sexual issues, or feeling distant from each other. A couples counselor could help you explore what is happening or what has happened in the past to help with feelings of intimacy and being close.

4. Strengthen the relationship:

A close up of a couple holding hands against blurry city lights at night. This could represent how couples therapy in Greenwood Village, CO can offer support with cultivating bonds. Learn more about relationship counseling in Englewood, CO and how couples therapy in Englewood, CO can help today. Many couples seek counseling not because they’re in crisis, but to enhance their relationship and address any potential issues before they become major problems. Couples therapy can provide valuable tools and strategies for improving communication, deepening emotional connection, and strengthening the bond between partners.

5. Pre-marriage/pre-commitment:

It is becoming increasingly common and even recommended for couples to attend counseling before marriage. Pre-marital counseling can help couples strengthen their relationship, learn effective communication skills, address any potential conflicts or concerns, and establish a strong foundation for their future together. It can also help couples explore important topics such as finances, family dynamics, and life goals, ensuring they enter marriage with a clear understanding of each other’s expectations and needs.

Addressing the Stigma

While there used to be a stigma surrounding couples therapy, attitudes are gradually and slowly changing. More people now recognize the value of seeking professional help to improve their relationships. However, some stigma may still exist in certain cultural or social circles, where seeking counseling might be seen as a sign of weakness, failure, or embarrassment and shame.

  • Perceived failure: Some individuals view seeking counseling as admitting defeat or acknowledging that their relationship is in a different position.
  • Lack of privacy: Concerns about others finding out that they’re in counseling and potentially judging their relationship.
  • Fear of judgment: Worries about being judged by the counselor or feeling ashamed about the issues in their relationship.
  • Cultural or religious barriers: Some cultural or religious beliefs may discourage seeking outside help for relationship problems.
  • Misconceptions about therapy: Believing that therapy is only for severe problems or that it won’t be effective in improving their relationship.

It is time to challenge these misconceptions and reframe the conversation around couples therapy.

Seeking help doesn’t equate to failure; it demonstrates a commitment to growth and a willingness to invest in the relationship. Just as we visit doctors for physical check-ups, couples therapy provides an opportunity for emotional and relational check-ins, helping couples navigate challenges and strengthen their bond. Couples therapy isn’t solely reserved for troubled relationships. In fact, many couples proactively seek counseling to enhance their connection, improve communication, and address potential issues before they escalate. By fostering open dialogue and providing valuable tools and strategies, counseling empowers couples to navigate conflicts, deepen intimacy, and build a resilient partnership!

What to Expect From Couples Therapy

A close up of a person taking notes while sitting across from a couple. Learn how couples therapy in Greenwood Village, CO can offer support by contacting a relationship therapist in Englewood, CO. Search for couples therapy in Littleton, CO and other services today. In couples therapy, you can expect a safe and confidential environment where you and your partner can openly discuss your concerns and challenges. The counselor will facilitate productive communication, helping you both express your thoughts and feelings effectively. You’ll work together and individually to identify patterns of behavior, explore underlying issues, and develop strategies for addressing conflicts and improving your relationship. Depending on your goals, counseling may involve learning new communication techniques, building trust, strengthening intimacy, or resolving specific issues. Ultimately, couples therapy aims to promote understanding, enhance connection, and empower you and your partner to create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

Begin Couples Therapy in Englewood, CO

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Other Services Offered By Mountain Vista Psychology

Couples therapy isn’t the only service our team offers support with. Other services Mountian Visa Psychology offers include Telehealth Therapy services, we also provide counseling services for child counselingteen counselingadult counseling, family therapy, & more. We also provide Neurofeedback Therapy services for Neurofeedback for ADHDNeurofeedback for AutismNeurofeedback for Concussion/ TBI, and Neurofeedback for Sports/Performance. Our team also provides testing for learning disabilitiesADHD, and Autism. Be sure to check out our Blog and FAQs for more about us and our services!


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