Do you need ADHD testing for your child?

ADHD in school

If you’ve wondered whether or not your child may have ADHD, getting tested and diagnosed can help them be more focused in their day-to-day life and reduce the extent to which their untreated ADHD interferes with getting things done and their happiness.

Most kids do things that look like ADHD from time to time. You notice they can’t pay attention to things, they can be impulsive sometimes. They may get antsy and fidget a lot, or have problems staying still. However, what if your child does things like that more often than not? You may be asking yourself at what point should you have your child tested for ADHD?

Often times it is difficult to know what is really going on, but ADHD testing can help!

With ADHD, it’s all a matter of what degree and what it’s impacting. To find out if your child needs an evaluation, start by asking yourself these questions. If you find yourself answering “yes” to multiple, you may want to consider ADHD testing.

1. Does my child show any signs of ADHD symptoms?

There are three tell-tale signs of ADHD – trouble focusing on things, struggling to stay still and manage bursts of hyperactivity, and trouble with impulsive behaviors. Some children may have all three of these symptoms and some may only have trouble with focusing or one of the other symptoms.

2. Is my child’s behavior different compared to other kids their age?

Children may be diagnosed with ADHD as early as preschool. However, kids that are young grow and change quickly and often at different speeds. As your children get older, you need to look at how other kids that age behave. Ask yourself if their behavior is different from your child, and if so how and is it something that is worth looking into further.

3. Is my child struggling at school? If so, in what ways and how much?

If you hear from their teacher often that your child doesn’t listen, is constantly fidgeting or talking out of turn, you may want to consider testing your child for ADHD. First ask yourself, is the behavior getting in the way of learning? Go to their teacher, and ask questions to find out what’s happening at school.

If you think your child may benefit from ADHD testing to determine an ADHD diagnosis call us at 720-583-9332.  We would love to talk with you. We can talk through any questions you have about the process.  ADHD testing can be the first step to improving social relationships and having more success in school.

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