Honoring the Funk December


Funk. Sometimes it’s a weird smell -other times, it’s a state of being that completely consumes you. As a member of the human race – willing or unwilling – there are seasons of life where we may not feel like ourselves. Stuck in fog. Feeling numb. The hardest part is not understanding why or feeling guilty and not being able to move out of it. There are going to be long days where we may not feel ourselves during this season. The best part is, that it is okay. This is the season we build strength. Let me repeat that; it is OKAY. You’re allowed to feel like you’re in a funk. There are pressures from society that give us messages of needing to be happy – women needing to smile all the time – men not being allowed to have emotions. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great – but faking happiness is exhausting and guilt/shame ridden.

What are some ways to help?
Recognize it. Give it a name. And allow it to have some space in your life for a moment.
Give yourself permission to have all of your feelings – including the uncomfortable ones.
Be proactive. Break up the monotony of your work week- add something to spice up your week that will give you energy- instead of draining energy.
Bring those feelings to light, so they don’t have a strong hold over you, talk to someone about it.

Remember, this is just a season. It may not be a comfortable one- more often it is a frustrating one- and like a season, it will come to an end. It is a season where we can learn about ourselves and grow. This is a season where we can and will often find strength we did not know we had. Its not a season to live in forever, but to honor it for exactly what it is – a season of funk. It may feel like FOREVER, and there will be a day when you will be able to turn back and remember the pain and numbness as a memory, and will be able to celebrate how far you have come.

Until then, remember to allow space, and honor this time for the season that it is and the lessons it has to offer. As always, remember you are doing your best. And you’ve got this!

Written by Michele Flynn, MA, BCN, LPC


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