One Fun Way to Improve Your Relationships


You have hear the saying, “A family that plays together, stays together.”  There may be some truth in it!  Often, it is the simple things that create the greatest shifts. Connecting with those you love while having fun is a great way to improve your relationships!  In my family we connect around activities.  For example, today is Saturday and my family is headed up skiing.  In the winter we ski.  That’s what we do on Saturdays. During the fall and spring my kids play soccer. In the summer we mountain bike and hike.  We created a routine of connection around activities.

Everyone in our family looks forward to spending time together.  Our dynamic changes when we play together.  Instead of the focus being on what needs to get done; the work/homework getting done, picking up the house, or going to the grocery store it is about spending quality time playing together.  We talk, we laugh, and our relationships deepen.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Play is such an important way to deepen any relationship.  When we play together we generally have a good time.  When we have a good time we have positive emotions.  These emotions strengthen our relationships.  Although playing together is great for connection, with our busy lives it can be difficult.  In addition, many families have difficulty choosing an activity because each family member enjoys doing something different.  If this sounds like you, here are some tips:

  • Each family member independently develops a list of activities they enjoy doing.
  • Once each person creates a list, come together as a family and share your lists with each other.
  • Set a frequency that fits well with your schedule (i.e., once a month, every other week, once a week) when you can spend some time having fun and connecting.
  • Take turns choosing an activity from each family member’s list that the entire family can participate in!
  • Enjoy built in quality time as a family.

Taking turns allows everyone to get some time engaged in an activity they love with the people they love.  In addition, participating in activities that you don’t enjoy as much as a way shows your love for another person.  Great relationships have give and take:)  Have fun creating your lists and spending time together.  Notice how playing together also increases the ease of doing the daily grind when you are not playing:).  When our relationships are good, life flows more easily.

Hope you enjoy trying this out!

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Written By Dr. Steffanie Stecker


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