Misconceptions About Mental Illness

Man standing beneath tree, thinking, mental illness.

Mental illness has always been on the bench of scrutiny, and the problem is the lack of understanding of these issues and how they affect someone. There are plenty of misconceptions of what it is and how it looks, but here we will talk about the three most common misconceptions of mental illness.

They Think They Are Crazy or Difficult

Some people just haven’t been adequately educated on what mental health means. It covers many mental health disorders and doesn’t mean someone is mentally insane or crazy. There are millions of people everywhere who have some sort of disorder and are the kindest. You may not know they have a mental illness to begin with. Additionally, some people think that it is challenging to deal with someone who has a mental illness. Here is where education on disorders can change the stigma of mental health and what they can do to help someone they know who is mentally ill. 

People with Mental Health Issues are Violent

Some individuals who are struggling with mental illness may tend to be violent. However, keep in mind that some disorders may drive someone to behave in this manner.. However, most people who struggle with mental illness are non-violent and are no more violent than anyone else. In this regard, less than 3-5% of violent acts committed can be attributed to mental illness. Incidentally, it was found that individuals with more severe mental illnesses are ten times more likely to be victims of violent crimes than the general population. 

That they cannot handle day to day activities on their own

This is one of the more significant misconceptions. In reality, those who deal with mental illness are typically productive members of society and are relatively active. If someone is struggling but is getting proper treatments, they can show up and do good work! As a matter of fact, employers report that these individuals have good attendance, are motivated and punctual, and do great work that is either on par or greater than their other employees.

There are plenty of misconceptions about mental illness. Unfortunately, these misconceptions affect the way people view it. If you are or know someone who is suffering from mental health issues, always seek help from a professional who can help you understand your illness. Furthermore, if you know someone who is, you can start by learning more about the many mental illnesses and how they affect those going through it. Educating yourself can help change the stigma and negative perceptions around mental health, and help someone you know who is going through these issues. 

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