QEEG: 3 Ways a Brain Map Can Help

What is a QEEG (Brain Map) and why get one???? First, I will describe what a QEEG is.  Most simply it is a way to measure the electrical activity in your brain.  It is a tool used to guide neurofeedback training.  During a QEEG the electrical activity in the brain is collected and recorded, just like a regular EEG.  After the recording is complete, the data is run through a database.  We are then able to see pictures that help us understand what is occurring in someone’s brain that may be causing their symptoms.  I have 3 Reasons you may want to consider getting a Brain Map completed listed below.

Validation:  You Get to SEE What is Going on in Your Brain

When you get a broken arm you get an x-ray. In mental health, we look at the brain and how to treat it.  Psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists typically treat symptoms that people report.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely research supporting counseling as being effective.  Medication can also be a game changer for some people. That being said, I LOVE the fact that we can now look at the brain to determine the best protocol to treat symptoms.

When you get a brain map we are able to look at the electrical activity in your brain to decide where and how to train your brain.  We can see in color where the area of difficulty is.  For many people this is very validating.  They no longer feel as though their struggles are “all in their head”.  Their difficulty is no longer just a character issue, but due (at least in part) to a brain difference.

Guide Neurofeedback Training for Effective Treatment

The second reason people get a Brain Map completed is to guide neurofeedback training.  We finally have a way to treat mental health difficulties by viewing the organ we treat!  When you get a Brain Map completed, we can see the exact place in your brain that differences exist.  We can then pinpoint the best neurofeedback training protocol to address your struggle.  How cool is that?  Targeted intervention for your area of difficulty!  When thinking about it this way of course it makes sense that neurofeedback is so effective!

Guide Medication Management

Finally, the third reason people complete a Brain Map is when they want to use it to inform medication choice.  Although there are not yet many psychiatrists who do this, reports are it works extremely well.  In this scenario, if someone has had negative experiences with medication or doesn’t want to “experiment” to find the most helpful medication a Brain Map can help.  In this case the Brain Map is run through a database that narrows the medication that will be most helpful and medication to avoid.  The psychiatrist is able to use brain wave data to guide medication selection.

If you have any questions about Brain Maps, please call us at 720-582-9332.  We would love to support you in using this technology to improve your life!


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