Summer Fun

My kids’ last day of school before summer break is May 19th.  At the beginning of summer we always create a list of all the “Summer Fun” we want to have.  Regardless of whether you have kids or not, I think creating a list of “Summer Fun” is a cool thing to do.  I will tell you all about how we do it:)

We sit down together and come up with a list of both small and big activities.  We all get to add to the list.  Out big trip this summer will be going to South Carolina with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  There are also have some “medium” items on the list.  For example, we are going camping and going to Mount Rushmore.  We want to hike Mount Herman, mountain bike, and swim.  They want to go to a water park.  We want to go on walks or hikes at least three days a week.   The kids have goals for the number of books they want to read.  My son wants to play a game of chess each week.  My daughter wants a couple of days of arts and crafts throughout the summer.  They both want to go to a soccer camp.  You get the idea!

We use the list all summer.  We all get to add to the list, so each person gets to do some of what they enjoy most.  Each person also gets to participate in the other family members’ choice activities.  If there is a day where we don’t have anything to do, we look at our summer list for inspiration.  By the end of summer, we make sure we have done all of our Summer Fun.

We have found that the Summer Fun list gets us excited, keeps us from getting in a summer rut, and inspires us.  Each summer we look forward to creating and completing our list together!  If you feel inspired, you may want to create your own list of Summer Fun:)

Written by Steffanie Stecker


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