ADHD Testing & ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD testing

There are many people who wonder about whether they should pursue ADHD testing and ADHD diagnosis. They wonder if there is really any utility in obtaining ADHD testing.  What will they really learn from the testing process anyway? They also wonder if an ADHD diagnosis is made, will it be a “crutch”?

How the process can help

Through the years of completing throughout ADHD evaluations that sometimes lead to an ADHD diagnosis and sometime do not, I find that people who complete ADHD testing find it a helpful process to go through.  Though the ADHD testing process, you learn about strengths and areas of needed support in learning style.  For example, are you a visual or verbal learner?  Do you have a strong working memory?  Do you need a little longer to process information?  Those who receive an ADHD diagnosis often, but not always, have difficulty with either their working memory or their ability to quickly process simple information.  This is helpful to know both in terms of understanding the person’s experience as well as when developing interventions or accommodations.

In addition, those completing ADHD testing are also evaluated for other mental health challenges that may “look like” ADHD.  For example, many people who have ADHD also may have anxiety.  There are also people who have anxiety who do not have ADHD, but their anxiety makes it look as though they do.  They are in their anxious mind so much it makes it challenging for them to focus.  Understanding whether someone has anxiety is an important part of being able to help the person because there are different types of intervention that help the person with anxiety than that help the person with and ADHD diagnosis.

Is it a crutch?

Finally, let’s tackle the issue of “Is getting an ADHD diagnosis a crutch”?  I believe the answer to this question is no.  An ADHD diagnosis is an explanation of why someone struggles.  It helps create understanding.  It informs the person so they know what interventions are likely to be most effective in helping them be successful so they can be targeted and purposeful in moving forward.  If can help people work smarter instead of harder so they can be more successful.

To learn more about the process click here:  ADHD Testing & Diagnosis

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Written by Steffanie Stecker, Ph.D., BCN, QEEG-D


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