If you or your child has difficulty with ADHD, anxiety, emotion regulation, or depression, neurofeedback is an effective and amazing treatment option.  It is medication free and long lasting.   It is wonderful to be able to live life with greater ease and access the potential you know is there.  At MVP, we work with children, adults, and families who want to create a difference in their lives, but either don’t want to use medication or are not getting the results they need from medication alone.  We are a group of therapists who all have training and experience in counseling as well as neurofeedback.  Althought many of our families want to do neurofeedback during the school year at MVP, there are so many of our families who choose to do neurofeedback over the summer!  During the school year life can be so busy and for many people it feels overwhelming to add neurofeedback to the “to do list”.  When people do neurofeedback over the summer they are able to address:



Emotion Regulation


It is great for kids because they can start a new school year fresh and with improved ability to succeed.  If you don’t know about neurofeedback we have tons of information on our website to help you learn more!

To get an overview of what neurofeedback is click here.

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We offer a free 30 minute consultation if you have additional questions.  We want to help you and your family move into a better place and get you all the information you need to make the best decision for you!

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