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Effective Anxiety & Trauma Counseling

Do you feel amped up?  Are there things you avoid doing because you are nervous or anxious?  Is there an inner voice telling you that you are “not good enough” or don’t deserve something great?  Do you avoid doing things you want to do because you are afraid?  Have you ever experienced a trauma?  Many people have heard of EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  It is an effective anxiety & trauma counseling treatment. If you need relief from trauma and anxiety read on!

If you have experienced traumatic events, you know they can stick with you.  They may shape your life in ways you wish they wouldn’t.  Negative events often impact the way you feel about yourself.  They effect how you engage in your relationships and the world around you.  You wish you could rid yourself of the lasting effects of trauma.  EMDR has helped many people break free of the intensity of their post-trauma responses and get their life back.  As evidence that it works, EMDR is designated as an effective treatment by the following:

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Many other international health agencies.

Anxieties EMDR can help with:

  • Anxiety of Sleeping In Own Room (child)emdr-eye
  • Fear of Accepting a Promotion at Work
  • Driving Fears
  • Recovering from being bullied (child)
  • Letting go of negative messages from childhood
  • Recovering from an unhealthy relationship
  • Panic attacks
  • Performance and test anxiety
  • Social anxiety

Traumas EMDR Can Help With:

  • Emotionally or physically abusive adult relationship
  • Significant losses or abandonment
  • Bullied as a child
  • Physically or emotionally abusive family member or community member
  • Medical traumas
  • Ongoing school struggles
  • Physical abuse
  • Car accident
  • Sexual assault or sexual abuse
  • Natural Disasters

For many people EMDR provides a quick path to reach therapeutic goals, feel better, and improve their life.  You can feel better faster.  It is proven effective and used to help people who have endured a traumatic event/s begin to heal.  EMDR is also effective for people who have experienced “smaller traumas”.  There are many therapists trained in EMDR in the Denver Metro area.  At Mountain Vista, some therapists are trained in EMDR and others who are not.

If you are interested in pursuing EMDR as a treatment, please let us know when you call.  We will connect you with a trained therapist.  To schedule an appointment with a therapist call 720-583-9332.  Get our free report and join our email list to get more helpful information on mental health.  You can do this.  It is possible to move past traumatic events.

Written By Dr. Steffanie Stecker


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